Erotic Massage for Women

I have been satisfying women over the years with sensual massage. Started in Cape Town but have since catered to private ladies all over the world with the ultimate erotic massage experience. The erotic massage is similar to a traditional full body massage but very different in terms of arousal, excitement and sexual end goals. Both the client as well as the therapist are in the nude with the goals of achieving sexual arousal pleasure.

The pleasure belongs to the woman. As a woman you are constantly putting everyone else’s needs first while keeping your needs right to the very end. Erotic massage for women is where all the attention and concentration is on you and you only. Your body deserves the right to be sexually stimulated.

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Who? What? Where? Why?

My name is Ian Marshall and have over 7 years experience in erotic massage as a male therapist. I started as a massage therapist at a spa in Cape Town performing full body massage. The women who booked my massage kept getting turned on and requesting to go deeper and deeper. They wanted something more sexual. I started to learn the basics by going for training to start performing more and more sensual massage for female clients.

The explanation and benefits of the different forms of massage such as sensual, erotic, tantric or kama sutra can be found here.

Erotic massage therapy sessions are held in a private venue at the home, or somewhere that is upmarket and classy. This is at most times a discreet hotel or penthouse suite.

There are various reasons why women want an erotic massage, below are some:

  • Take out stress and trauma
  • Removes the tightened muscles in the vagina
  • Has never experienced a proper orgasm before or wants to try a new one from the menu
  • Husband wants to watch her get sexually aroused by an experienced male massage therapist

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A short guide on how to find her pleasure zones

How to book?

My mobile number is (+27) 61 171 7195. I will then chat to you about boundaries and more details about the erotic massage. Whatsapp messaging is preferred and private calls do not get answered unfortunately.