The best decision for any of you is not to spend time with people who drain or deplete your energy. To make the same decision for your vagina is very essential. And guess what? Your vagina will tell you exactly how she feels. Sometimes she is referred to as the ‘madam downstairs’. She will tell you through numbness, pain, disease, thrush, utis, small, taste and lack of libido. The question you need to ask your yourself everyday is “What is your vagina telling you?” Do not waste time or mismanage your vagina. It is always best to listen to your vagina.

Case Study 1: Woman number one had a constant thrush in a previous relationship and then bleeding that lasted for over 6 weeks. This all cleared once they broke up, but any other relationship she had after him that was not ‘right’ gave her thrush. She was also numb and needed hard, rough sex to feel anything. She then booked a massage from yoni massage specialist, this helped her tremendously with increasing her libido.

Case Study 2: Woman number two is still shaking and literally almost in tears. She had just self pleasured herself after inserting her yoni egg for the first time and had three massive orgasms after receiving a massage from a professional male massage therapist. The first and second time her whole body was shaking. She is in love now and orders the yoni massage on a weekly basis.

Case Study 3: Woman number three said she danced all night naked in her house while practicing yoga, listening to sensual tunes with dim lighting. She was feeling so much sexual energy built bewteen her legs and after a while started to self pleasure. She was in an endless orgasm because she came 6 times and it only got more intense there after. She was lost in a state of pure bliss. This is a woman who would normally have trouble with achieving sensual orgasm. It would usually only be a “sneeze” of a release from clitoral stimulation. This time was her whole yoni was lighting up due to help from the sensual massage therapist.

How erotic massage opens up the vagina

The erotic massage therapist is able to listen to your vagina and see what trouble it has gone through. Your vagina also has a history. Was it looked after? Does it have smell? Is it numb? How good does it taste or does it just lack some libido. There are various massage techniques used in yoni massage. The main technqiues are circling, pushing, pulling, tugging, rolling, tapping, g-spot and clitoral spot massage. The four main benefits of yoni massage are mental healing, release higher energy, improve sexual relationship and get more intense orgasms. Look at treatments to read about all the other treatments that are on offer. There is Kama Sutra and Sensual massage from a male massage therapist who specliases in vagina treatment.

Yoni Massage Guide