This is the age old question of “how to be a better lover.” Of how to really open a woman’s heart so that she wants to offer you the universe. Well really the answers are simple to my knowledge. Be present and create safety for her heart. Be consistent and stay in communication. Offer her the world of your deep transparent loving erotic presence.

This may sound like a lot, or maybe just a little, however have you ever really felt the depth of a woman’s love? Have you ever really felt a woman completely surrender to your every touch? By this I mean not in a mental surrender but in a way in which her body and being wants nothing else other than to feel your radiant hands upon her.

A woman’s sexuality opens when her heart is open and met. Her yoni is never going to open her moist goddess nectars unless her heart is completely there. Certainly, there are times when quckies happen and when quick sex arrives. However, the true depth and tantric astonishment of sensual love making happens through long slow connections where every part of her body is touched is gently circled with loving presence. Your caress goes on for an eternity across her succulent body. The whisper of your hairs and hands flow evenly across her body, stimulating the soft residual arousal from every cell of her body awakening the pure essence of her internal bliss. This is true arousal and unfortunately, a woman’s arousal is entirely different than a man.

A man gets hard and aroused first and then he often wants quick penetrative sex right away. I am not saying that is always the case, but in general a man’s body gets stimulated and erotically turned on from the inside (genitals) outwards. So a man’s heart opens by having his sexuality met first. When a man feels deeply connected sexually to his partner, his heart opens for his penis which is the penetrative pole of his body and his heart is the receptive pole. A woman’s vagina is the receptive pole and her heart is the penetrative pole. This is the origins of true tantric love making and the beginnings of an entirely new way of connecting and relating.

Trust, safety, playful, tender and wild, love expressed in more than words opens the heart and the deliciousness of all of life. The best men on Earth are the men are able to be present and allow their women to have all their emotions.

Have you a celebrated Goddess?

I mean really celebrated her very essence. The beauty that exudes from her breathe. The pure creation that pulses from her womb, have you been lost inside the pure bosom of her eternal creation? Only to come out, to lay before her with the eyes, ears and reverence that every goddess deserves. Have you spoken kindly to the goddess’s in your life? said “Thank you”

Open a woman sexually

I honor the journey you are on in this female body and My heart warms to your very being. Have you celebrated the goddess within you? There is a deep beautiful goddess within who pours her wild heart into this planet. Have you celebrated this internal one? Have you laid yourself before the alter of her luscious lips, to marvel at the living embodiment of love that exudes through her every cell, have you pulled her close to your body to let her know she is safe have you bowed before her masterful brilliance at awe of the intellect to which she holds have you bowed before the goddess today? have you held her hand, kissed her lips & marveled at her eternal chalice of never ending radiance

See, the goddess you bow before is ready for you. She is ready to feel the call of your heart to feel the reverence of your soul to walk before her calmly and eloquently surrendering at her front door: I am here to love you goddess for you are me and I am you thank you for being a living walking representation of all the beauty in this universe for you goddess represent the beauty of all and the destruction of all thank you for firing my heart with truth thank you for bowing before me, so that I may bow before you your humble strength exudes from your being and lights up the reverent joy of my heart I adore you Goddess.

Goddess vaginal massage

With sensual massage that includes a wide variety of erotic techniques that increases sexual energy. It is one of one popular ways of celebrating the Goddess inside. See treatments for more information.