What do you see when you look into my eyes? Is there sadness, pain, joy, happiness, light, darkness?

What do you feel as you look I to the depths of my soul?

Does it scare you? Does it make you run away? Does it open your erotic nature? How does it feel to sensually breathe the same air I’m breathing? To taste my lips, my tongue, my love?

All parts of me become alive as our bodies unify in sacred union

Sexual pleasure awakening every cell of my nude body

Passion igniting the fire within

All parts of me become alive A little girl in there wanting to be seen, to be loved, to be cared for

A sweet one, bratty, emotional and scared being

Oh sweetie, open your heart to the abundance of love that surrounds you

Open your soul to make love to the Divine within and around you

Oh Goddess hold her tight in your arms as she often breaks and forgets

Ignite her fire within, her passion, her fierceness, remind her she’s loved

Oh woman, you so craved to be in union, remind yourself that you are enough

Your heart carries the light of the world, the pain of the collective and the forgiveness of the universe

Don’t you forget Divine woman where you come from

It is from within that all your power lies, your wisdom, your sacredness

Child, goddess, woman you are everlasting LIFE

Can you see all of me? Open your heart and feel me… When I sensually touch you, I bring all of meee, channeling all the everlasting love of all of my beings

I bring the goddess through my erotic nude body, hands, breath and sound

Balancing your energy, awakening that exctasy that lies dormant, helping you remember your truth

Do you see the power? Come feel me, this body carries all the emotions of the universe, Come swim in me, with me, dancing the eternal dance of the Galaxy

Stars shines upon us, reminding us of our own stardust

You are unique, you are wise, you are source with the massage skills

Let’s dance the swing of life, move with me dear during the massage treatment

Do you want to dance while I perform? letting go of all thoughts and feel this dance through your breath

Awaken yourself up to divinity, love, passion, truth, sensual, tantric, erotic and nude massage.

Can you see all of me? I’m a mirror, broken at times, reflecting parts of you… Can you still see?

Credit goes to Yulia Rose Magdalane